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Vocal Masterclass - SOLD OUT -

with Angie Berthias


At Rockhalstudio

From 11:00 to 18:00

Fee: 60.-



During this workshop based on entertaining and efficient exercises you will discover essential elements in order to master your voice (control, pitch, power…) and to take care of it. You will have the opportunity to work on a song prepared in advance and in addition to that you will obtain personalized advice so as to help you correct your weaknesses and make progress whatever your music style is. 


Workshop overview:


Vocal Technique:


- Breathing (breath support, endurance)

Caring for your voice (vocal warm-up, dos and don'ts)

- Voice control: pitch, volume, power (exercises and drills)


Vocal Coaching: 


- Song performing

- Personalized advice to correct weaknesses 

- Practical exercises to make progress



Participants are required to prepare a song in advance and may bring a playback track (USB key, MP3 player).



 - SOLD OUT - 



About Angie Berthias:


Angie Berthias, professional vocalist and vocal coach for the last 20 years, has worked with international artists as a backing vocalist, vocal arranger, choir director and vocal coach. Besides live performances, studio sessions, and coaching, Angie takes time to teach masterclasses, workshops and private lessons and lends her know-how as well as her voice to ads, motion picture soundtracks, album backing vocals, and musical projects throughout the world.