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Sound Playground - Guitar Sound & FX Workshop

with Claude Ewert (Guitar Tech & Teacher) & Claudio Pianini (Mount Stealth)


From 14:00 to 17:00 at Rocklab

Skill level: beginners to intermediate

Fee: 15.-



When it comes to playing the guitar, technique often seems paramount. Agreed: a certain set of skills has to be mastered. But what good does you knowing the Phrygian dominant mode or handling alternate and sweep picking at 200bpm when your sound lacks identity? Let's be honest: every chord and note combination has at least been played once by someone, somewhere. What truly may define you as a guitarist nowadays is your sound!


The aim of this interactive workshop, hosted by local guitar expert Claude Ewert, is to grant you the necessary knowledge to create your very own sound and to know what affects your sound and how it does so.


The workshop will be structured in three parts:


Part 1: Starting from Scratch

How does my guitar sound? Does it sound good? If not, is the instrument the problem or maybe just the pickups? Or the strings? What to do with the many shiny knobs on my amp? The workshop first attacks the fundamentals and essentials by exploring your basic equipment: guitar and amp.


Part 2: Pedals: Gift or Curse?

It is hardly possible to keep an overview of the pedal market as a huge amount of new ones are released every month. What pedals are required for your genre (if any)? How do you find the ideal effects chain? Should you go all-digital or stick to solid stompboxes? And is it possible to set up a decent pedal board on a shoestring budget?


Part 3: The Playground

Claude will be joined by pedal obsessed guitarist Claudio Pianini from Mount Stealth and participants will be able to exchange their knowledge with each other and ask as many questions as possible. This will be hands-on, as you plug in and you play around with your sound.



Participants are required to bring their instrument (guitar & bass) and their pedalboards.






About Claude Ewert

Claude Ewert picked up the guitar at the age of 15 and has been an active musician ever since. Although he lives a manifest passion for technically challenging metal, as displayed with his current prog death outfit Retrace My Fragments (, he is versatile in his craft and has been a session musician for bands such as Scarred, Mutiny On The Bounty, Heartbeat Parade and No Metal In This Battle, and has played more than 200 shows. Claude studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford (UK) and now runs his own little guitar tech workshop and gives bass & guitar lessons. Furthermore, he is also coaching young bands for the SNJ (Service National de la Jeunesse) and hosts workshops at Rocklab on a regular basis.


About Claudio Pianini

Claudio got into playing the guitar at the beginning of the 90s. By the mid-90s, he got his teeth into bands referred to as 'emo' and 'mathrock' and started a collective called 'The Schalltot collective a.s.b.l.' in order to organize shows for both local and foreign bands. The following years he played in bands such as Salina, Tiger Fernandez, Actarus, Treasure Chest at the End of the Rainbow and ended up doing vocals and playing bass guitar in Mutiny on the Bounty in 2008. That's when Claudio started to care even more about sound and tone shaping, thus he acquired a few effects pedals, spent most of his time geeking around and figured out what different effects have to offer soundwise, how to use them effectively and how they affect your playing. In the meantime he has collected quite a bunch.


"Ok... I admit, I'm hooked on effect pedals and couldn't play without them. It's an unremitting quest for tone and effects are the path to the bright side!"